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A rescue dog barks for five hours to save its 92-year-old owner.

This rescued Chihuahua finds the perfect way to repay the debt by saving her life after a senior woman showed her nothing but kindness and offered her a home. The little dog is being hailed as a hero after barking for over five hours to save her 92-year-old owner.

Marie Alexander, a senior from Inverness, Florida, and Sassy, a rescued dog, have had a particular affinity since they first met. They became inseparable quickly, and they consoled each other in the most endearing of ways. The 92-year-old woman, however, found the tiny puppy to be more than simply a companion and furry therapy. She proved that she, too, could be a hero!

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Marie walked outside to check the mailbox one morning, but she lost her balance and fell to the ground. To make matters worse, Marie left her cellphone inside the house, leaving her helpless and at the mercy of fate. Sassy, on the other hand, immediately recognized her owner’s need for assistance and jumped in to assist her. Marie’s faithful dog might be able to hoist her up, but she could instead bark until someone hears her and comes to her rescue. That is exactly what she did!

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“My foot twisted and I just fell backwards when I went to get up on a walkway,” Marie told ABC Action News. “She slammed the brakes on every car that passed.” Each time, Sassy came up alongside me and licked my face.

Sassy stood by Marie’s side for about five hours, continually barking and following every automobile that passed by. Sassy and Marie didn’t give up, despite the fact that they were both fatigued from the heat. Eventually, the dog’s tremendous efforts paid off when a couple heard her and went to explore the reason she was furiously barking.

ABC Action News

Thankfully, help arrived just in time, and Marie was rushed to the hospital right away. She was very dehydrated and has damaged ribs, but she is expected to recover quickly. All thanks to her devoted canine companion!

The woman explained, “I saved her in the shelter, and she saved me.” “Animals aren’t given credit for what they do!”

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