You are currently viewing A scuba diver cuddles a shark from Port Jackson that he has known for seven years.

A scuba diver cuddles a shark from Port Jackson that he has known for seven years.

It’s very interesting that people and animals can get along so well. Most of them are very cute. Who else has friends who live in the ocean? Look at how great it is that they are friends.

Rick Anderson has to put on an oxygen tank, put a regulator in his mouth, and dive into the ocean to see his friend who lives underwater. This strange friend is a female Port Jackson shark that is 6 feet long. Even though she doesn’t have a name, he knows her by her marks.

He is also known as the shark. He says they’ve been playing together for about seven years. She was a 6-inch-long puppy at the time. He says that he went up to her and patted her softly. In the first season, he did this every time. After that season, she knew who he was and needed to be patted and held. Most of the divers at first didn’t believe what they saw. On the other hand, Rick has treated sharks like they were dogs.

When you look at a Port Jackson shark, you can see that it is much smaller than a great white shark. People are often given the wrong idea by the media that sharks are dangerous. But sharks are much more likely to be hurt by people.

Anderson has been scuba diving for more than 30 years and now runs a dive school. He also says that sharks are not always mindless killers who wait for people to get into the water so they can kill them. He says that swimming with these animals was always easy for him.

He said, “I’ve always felt safe swimming with these animals.”

Since it seems like the Port Jackson shark can’t get enough of Anderson, he’s always up for a hug. Even after all this time! I wish their friendship would last forever!

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