A Sleepy Mom has two Wiggly Kids and two Wiggly Kids share a bed.


Every day, from dawn to dusk, a parent doesn’t finish their work. Even when it’s dark, they don’t stop. Just ask this squirrel mom who is asleep.

A wildlife fan from the Eastern U.S. saw a cute thing happen inside a squirrel’s nest in their backyard. They filmed it and put the video on YouTube. In the video, you can see the mother squirrel and her two little babies snuggling up together. No matter how tired she is, she always makes sure that her babies are cozy and safe. Take a look at the video below.

Even though this squirrel mom is tired from a long day and is half asleep, she’s still at work. She puts her babies to sleep and wraps them up in her tail to keep her warm. That being said, though, this pampering won’t last for ever.

They stay with their mothers for about 10-12 weeks. She can get the rest she needs now that they’re old enough to go out and live on their own. In this case, parents who share their beds with toddlers and their kids would most likely be able to understand.

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