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A stray cat mother brings her babies to meet her caregiver.

A stray cat in Québec, Canada, was doing her best to keep herself safe while not receiving the love and security she deserved. The stray wasn’t alone; she lived with a pack of other strays, but no one’s life was easy.

Suddenly becoming responsible for more than her own life changed everything.

Lisianne was in her yard one day when she noticed a small black cat passing by.

She quickly recognized the cat was a stray and decided to leave food and water for her, seeing how hungry she was. Lisianne and the stray soon became friends.

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Lisianne named the stray Usagi and began providing it with food and water. Usagi was touched by the gesture and slowly came to trust Lisianne. Lisianne observed Usagi’s belly growing.

Though Usagi was eating better now that Lisianne was on her side, Lisianne quickly understood that something else was going on. Right she was. Usagi eventually had a litter of kittens.

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Her new babies kept Usagi from introducing her new family to Lisianne.
She understood she couldn’t keep them safe alone. So she took her kittens one by one to Lisianne’s door.

There were six kittens in total, and Lisianne could tell they needed attention.When the kittens were six weeks old, Lisianne contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Several of the kittens had conjunctivitis and were having trouble breathing, but a vet was able to treat them because of Usagi’s prompt action.

Lisianne adopted Usagi, and one of the kittens went to a friend of Lisianne’s. The shelter promised to find the remaining five cats their perfect forever home. Simply said, a mother will always do what is best for her children.

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