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A stray dog sees a puppy tied to a fence and works to free him.

None of us has a heart as big as a dog’s. Perhaps men’s best friend is not just gentle and kind, but also very selfless. Here, you can see it for yourself.

A heartwarming scene between a stray dog and a dog tied up has made people cry. It happened in Novorossiysk, Russia, and a person who saw it took a picture of it.

Dog: Dmitriy Timchenko and his friend were going to a local store when they saw a dog tied up to a fence. No big deal, because we’ve all seen scenes like this, especially in countries with stores that don’t sell friendly pets. Dimitriy’s first thought was that the dog’s owner was inside the store, so that was what he thought. Dogs have different views on the subject.

Telling The Dodo, “I’ve seen this stray dog around town a lot.” “He always walks across the street in the crosswalk.” We learned that the dog isn’t only innovative but kind as well. The stray dog thought the tied pit bull had been left there, so it went over to him and worked to free him. Take a look at this fantastic moment right now:

But even though the stray dog did a good deed, the two people who saw it ran into the store to look for the dog’s owner. When Timchenko and his friends went into the store, they used the loudspeaker to call the store owner back. “She went outside and got her dog.”

h/t: thedodo

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