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A Sunbathing Seal Pup Makes a Face at the Camera with a Smiling Smile

These animals are awe-inspiring in their own right. A lion once saved a donkey from certain death. The following day, it’s all about a cute dog. This week, we’re going to tell you about a seal pup that had everyone in awe of its adorableness.

The seal pup was lying in the sun on Norfolk’s Horsey beach when we arrived. These adorable pictures of a seal waving to the camera were taken by photographer Johan Siggesson of Zurrieq in Malta.

Having the opportunity to interact with these seals was a truly unique experience. The photographer noted that it was raining, hailing, and winding during the first few days of our trip.

Blakeney Point is home to England’s largest seal colony, which gives birth to more than 3,000 pups each year. Because of the large number of seals in the region, you’re likely to see them sunbathing. In truth, seals can regularly be seen sunbathing on the east coast of the United Kingdom during the winter months.

These photos show a seal pup making a payment on the beach. In the next moment, it raises its flipper and gestures at the camera as if saying hello. The seal pup appears to be having a good time while being photographed.

Image Credit & More Info; Johan Siggesson Photography | facebook |

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