A teenager gets up earlier every day before school to help his senior neighbors.

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You are currently viewing A teenager gets up earlier every day before school to help his senior neighbors.

People often think that teens are lazy and only care about themselves.

There are a lot of cases of teens who aren’t responsible, and some media portray teens as delinquent, rebellious criminals.

My view, though, is that you should never judge a book by its cover…

Romemylion Mitchell, who is 15 years old, is proof of that.

Romemylion Mitchell/Facebook

This nice young man gets up early every day before school to check on his senior neighbors. Since childhood, he and his family have lived across the street from an old couple Romemylion greatly liked.

Romemylion is a 15-year-old high school student, so it makes sense that he has friends and other things that interest him.

But Romemylion never forgets to say hello to his senior neighbors or help them do simple things like go to the store.

He doesn’t have to help them, but he does because he doesn’t like to see people suffer alone.

Cianne E Joyner/Facebook

Since the couple’s health has been worsening, Romemylion sees them every morning before school to see if they need any help.

A lot of the time, the young man does their shopping. Their daughter, Tiki Joyner Edwards, lives a long way from them, which is sad. She just found out that Romemylion had been taking care of her parents.

She feels safe knowing her parents live close to a caring teenager who helps them with daily tasks.

Tiki Joyner Edwards says that Romemylion helps her parents mow the lawn and go shopping. But what’s the most important? He is there, he cares about them, and he talks to them.

Cianne E Joyner/Facebook

“I just want to say hello to this nice guy across the street from where my parents live. He checks on them every day and loves and cares deeply for them. He goes with Dad to the store, helps him shop, and takes the groceries home. He also cuts the grass and does whatever else they need,” Tiki Joyner Edwards wrote on Facebook.

When Tiki’s mother, Cianne, ended up in the hospital, 15-year-old Romemylion gave her a hug, which meant a lot to the old woman.

So the next time you hear someone complaining about today’s youth, remember that there are a lot of nice young people who do care.

Cianne E Joyner/Facebook

We repeatedly see how some groups try to pit people against each other, like the old against the young, whites against blacks, Muslims against Christians, and so on…

But I really think that most people have good hearts and want to do good things.

So maybe we should pay more attention to all the good things happening in our world. Instead of whining, point out the good things, such as Romemylion.

Cianne E Joyner/Facebook

God bless this young man who cares! His folks should be very proud of how kind and caring he is.

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