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A Texas lawyer joins a Zoom call as a cat by mistake.

What should have been an official court proceeding over a Zoom call turned into a funny video that went viral because of a simple filter.

Using the Zoom app, Judge Roy Ferguson was getting ready for the 394th Judicial District Court proceedings in Texas. When he turned on the video call, he didn’t expect to see a…kitten. But that was exactly what was on the screen. Well, at least it wasn’t a real kitten. It was a county attorney with a funny Zoom filter over her face. So, a cute blue-eyed kitten was put over the face of attorney Rod Ponton.

After that, they had a funny conversation. Everyone in the conversation noticed the funny filter, and it sounds like the lawyer had difficulty turning it off. Judge Roy Ferguson told Mr. Ponton, “I think you have a filter in the video settings.” The lawyer can say, “I’m here live, and I’m not a cat.” The judge said, “I can see that.”

Since there is no way to avoid the Internet, the video of this Zoom call went viral on social media immediately. Rod Ponton explained later how such a funny scene could have happened.

Check out the funny scene here:

The 69-year-old lawyer said, “I logged into my secretary’s computer to show up at this hearing via Zoom.” “But no one’s face except mine came up. My mascot was a cat.” Even though it was a serious court case, everyone on the call thought it was funny. “Judge Ferguson said, “Everyone who was involved handled it with respect, and the filtered lawyer showed a lot of grace.”

h.t: ABC

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