A transgender man talks about his life and how surprised he was to find out he was pregnant.

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You are currently viewing A transgender man talks about his life and how surprised he was to find out he was pregnant.

The June 2023 digital issue of Glamour UK had a picture of Logan Brown, a transgender activist and author, on the cover. Logan talked about his childhood and how he came to know who he really was. He became famous, of course, when he found out he was pregnant and posted about it on his TikTok account. After having a lot of different feelings about it, he and his partner finally accepted it and couldn’t wait to meet their new baby.

He had a lot of trouble with gender confusion.


Logan says that when he was younger, he would try to hide his body by putting on boy’s clothes, but then feel embarrassed and take them off. “It was really hard to go through that every day and not talk about it with anyone. I couldn’t find anything that made sense to me. I didn’t know that I am a trans person. When I was young, my mental health was really bad. I went to therapy all the time. I told people I was gay when I was 13, and I think it had more to do with how I dressed than anything else. People would tell me I was gay because I dressed like a “tomboy.”

He says that gender and sexuality are two very different things, which is something he has learned over the years. Before he became a man, he was in a few relationships with women. Then, he chose to focus on himself and ended those relationships.

Logan’s partner is Bailey Mills, and they met about two years ago. “I saw some of their movies and wondered, ‘Who is that?’ I felt like I could understand them because I was always the odd one out. Then I saw a movie of them being more vulnerable, and that’s when I thought, “They’re kind of like me.” They were very cute, I thought. I just went up to them and said, “You’re really cute.” Then we went out on a date. It wasn’t a normal date—it was chaos. I’m crazy about them.”

Then the pregnancy happened.


Logan woke up one morning feeling strange, so he chose to take a pregnancy test. Due to health problems, he had stopped taking testosterone for a while, so he was surprised when the test came back positive. At first, he was scared and thought he had lost all of his manhood. He woke up his partner and told him that he was going to have a baby.

“Finally, I told them, ‘I’m pregnant,’ and for a second I thought, ‘This is fine,’ but then I thought, ‘Oh no, this isn’t good. But what about my job? You’re… you’re a pregnant man!’ And we kept saying “Oh my God” to each other over and over again. We didn’t talk at all for two hours. After that, we talked a little bit, but both of us had mixed feelings. Because it’s my body, I felt like it was all on me. I felt like I owned it.”

Going to hospitals was a very hard thing for him to do.


“In the beginning, my meetings were good. They were at smaller clinics, and I always saw the same midwife, which was very important. But we just moved, so I had to switch hospitals. The new one is much bigger, and I haven’t had the best time there. I’ve been called the wrong gender by staff, but no one has ever asked me, “Are you okay?”

Logan thinks that hospital staff should learn how to talk to LGBTQ+ people so they know how to treat them. He says that there have been more cases like his and that they keep happening every day, so people who work in the healthcare field should be aware of them. “I’m a pregnant trans guy and I do exist. I’m live proof, no matter what anyone says.”

He had a girl as a child.


Logan’s water didn’t stop leaking for more than 24 hours, and she had to be forced for 3 days because there were problems with how the baby was growing. “It was great when I finally went into labor because they really met our needs. Because Bailey and I have ADHD and autism, the lights were dimmed for us. We had a playlist, and then I went over every possible process.”

He says, “However, because the water was open for 24 hours, we both got an infection and had to stay in the hospital for a week. So, I felt a little lost, and Bails had to take care of her at first. But it was great because the nurses at the hospital helped us, and we learned everything we needed to know at the hospital.

This isn’t the first time a transgender person has given birth. Other couples have had the same joy. And along with happiness, they often get a lot of hate, which the love of others can help them get past.

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