You are currently viewing A very rare white baby reindeer almost blends into the snowy background.

A very rare white baby reindeer almost blends into the snowy background.

Even this very rare white baby reindeer looks like it’s almost hidden by the snow in these magical winter photos.

It was a rare white reindeer calf that the photographer saw while hiking with friends.

During a walk in northern Norway, Mads Nordsveen, 24, from Oslo, saw the animal on the ground in the snow.

The pure white deer was not afraid to pose for pictures in the mountains of Northern Norway, even though it looked like it was hidden.

It was on a hiking trip with friends when photographer Mads Nordsveen, from Oslo, Norway, saw the creature that looked like it was from a fairy tale. When the 24-year-old was walking in the mountains looking for good landscapes for her travel photography, “out of nowhere, I saw this wonderful little creature,” she said.

We looked at each other straight in the eyes when he came close to me.

A calm and friendly person made him feel at ease. His face was almost as though the camera was on him at all times. “He was very interested and fun.” The way a child would look for things. The mother of the baby reindeer came out of the trees just behind.

“It walked around for a while before running back to its mom.”

When I saw it, it was like a fairy tale. “Maybe we’ll see each other again some day.” White reindeer have a rare genetic mutation that makes their fur white so that they can blend in with their snowy surroundings. People who aren’t albino don’t have dark eyes or antlers because they have dark skin.

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