A video of two orphaned baby sloths conversing is not amusing.

These two young sloths are having a private conversation when they are caught on video.

This type of interaction between a dog and a cat isn’t as common as you may think. due to the fact that they are slow-moving creatures. And they aren’t often seen either.

This picture was taken at Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary. Since 1997, the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica has been in operation. It has received official approval as a rescue facility. Protecting the sloth’s habitat is an important part of the sanctuary’s purpose, as is rescuing, rehabilitating, researching, and eventually releasing the animals back into the wild. The Costa Rican rain forests are the Sloth’s natural home.

This couple is really cute. Even if we don’t understand what they’re saying, their adorableness shines through in their soft tones.

At the sanctuary, the workers are experts on sloths and are devoted to their recovery. After that, they are returned to the wild.

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