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A wild horse and a sweetheart reunite after years apart.

Love is the most powerful force on earth, capable of reuniting people even after years apart. Animals, like humans, can form lifelong friendships. Recently, a touching reunion of two wild horses touched hearts worldwide.

The poignant occasion was made possible by a wild horse rescue sanctuary. It all started with a stunning snapshot. Phoenix, a gorgeous mustang, is seen in the photo jumping off a catch cage. After escaping, the animal returned to look after his lifelong partner, Ghost, who was still trapped.

Wild horses have tremendous familial relationships, according to Clare Staples, CEO of Skydog Sanctuary. Clare was inspired by that photo to save Phoenix and reunite him with his girlfriend. But it wasn’t easy!

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The whole family was refused adoption, Clare wrote. That Phoenix and his female partner would be released back into the wild made us joyful. When Clare went to Phoenix, she saw that Ghost was absent. So she presumed adoption.

For a year, unknown to Clare, Phoenix and the other horses would no longer be released into the wild. So she began the Phoenix adoption process. “I did it to offer him the freedom he so desperately desired the day he was captured.” Clare promised Phoenix she would reconnect him with his lover if she ever succeeded.

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“I never saw his mare,” Clare told The Dodo. We opened the trail door and I always had a sense of loss with him.

She did it two years later! She found Ghost on the Internet Adoption site a year after the roundup and tried to get them back together right away.It’s amazing to see two wild horses reconcile after a year apart. Look:

“We are overjoyed that Ghost is back with her family and that they may now live their lives together,” she added. And we leave in peace those who wish to be left alone. ” We also give others the love and compassion they have never received from humans before.

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