A wildlife photographer captures two beautiful lionesses with eight pups.

Consider taking family photos. Isn’t it always a headache? You will be in a massive mess, especially if you have eight children.

But take a look at these perfectly aligned pictures. The Serengeti Loliondo Conservation in Tanzania took these amazing pictures of three female lionesses and their eight cubs.

© Barbara Fleming / Barcroft Medi

Those magnificent lions live in the park. It covers approximately 12,000 square miles. Serengeti derives from the Maasai language and means “endless plains.”

© Barbara Fleming / Barcroft Medi

Barbara Fleming managed to get these once-in-a-lifetime images by managing to get the camera to shoot with all eight cubs peering right into the lens.

© Barbara Fleming / Barcroft Medi

The global population of lions has decreased by 70% since the 1960s. Most of the reason for the drop in numbers is that habitats are being destroyed and people are moving into wild areas.

Take in the beautiful family portraits!

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