A woman doesn’t know she has a full brother until she takes a DNA test and finds out.

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You are currently viewing A woman doesn’t know she has a full brother until she takes a DNA test and finds out.

Janice Dunn was adopted as a baby, so she never really knew where she came from. She knew that she was born in San Diego, California, but other than that, she didn’t know much about her family background. Janice grew up in Idaho and went to law school there, but she never stopped thinking about the family she was born into. Then, after 30 years of hunting, a DNA test from 23andMe gave her the answers she had been looking for.

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Janice still has family in San Diego, as shown by the test. Most importantly, she has a full brother called David Aguirre, who owns a business in the area and never knew he had an older sister. Before David and his other sister were born, Janice was adopted.

The DNA test doesn’t lie about the fact that David and Janice’s parents have died. David could tell everything he needed to know about Janice’s family tree just by looking at a picture of her.

“I could see my father in her,” he told her. “The eyes of my father. She was related to her in every way.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the brothers started sending each other texts and emails, but they never talked on the phone or met in person until 2023. David says he didn’t want to hear her voice until they first met.
“Right now, my heart is beating fast,” he said with a smile. “Last night felt like Christmas; it’s like Santa Claus is coming!”

On the day that Janice flew from Idaho to San Diego, David was so excited he could hardly stand it. As she came down the airport staircase, he immediately saw her. He was so excited to give his sister a big bear hug.

As soon as they got a good look at each other, it was clear that they were siblings.

“You look just like Dad,” David told Janice.

“Glad to see you,” Janice said cheerfully. “You look just like me!”

It had been 50 years, but Janice and David had no idea they would see each other again. The brothers invited other family members to a big family dinner, and they were both thankful that fate (and science!) brought them together.
“This is very important to us,” Janice said. “We are very fortunate. We’ve lost a lot of brothers and sisters, so we’re glad we still have each other.

Who would have thought a simple DNA test could change two people’s lives? We’re so happy for Janice and David, and we hope they get to know each other for many more years.


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