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A Woman Gets A Visit From A Mom Cat And Her Babes

This is an extremely stunning occurrence taped by Lisianne from Quebec. She has been feeding a stray cat she found wandering in her yard. These two came to be pals soon and hung out virtually every day.

One day the cat stopped coming, Lisianne was fretted for a while till she found out why. The cat returned after a while, yet she had not been alone this time around. She included her 6 kittens! This was an exciting minute for Lisianne to see all 7 cats lined up outside her home window. She took all of them in, considering that they were also cute to withstand, and called a neighborhood rescue service to take care of them since she couldn’t handle the mom feline and also her kitties with each other. One kitten is taken on, and the other 5 are taken by the solution. The mother cat located her house at Lisianne’s place, and also now both buddies live a satisfying life together.










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