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A woman rescued a baby elephant, and she now follows her around everywhere she goes.

A few people aren’t satisfied with having only a puppy or a cat as a companion. Why not an elephant, for example? Roxy Danckwerts has done what seems like an impossible thing: she has set up a home for a young elephant calf, and 14-month-old Moyo is as noisy as she is annoying.

This compassionate woman has been caring for orphaned animals for nearly two decades. Her orphanage in Zimbabwe, Wild is Life, has assisted numerous wild creatures over the years. Roxy and her team have rescued and rehabilitated a wide range of creatures, from large wild cats to primates and even birds. But it appears that none of them went as far as this rescued elephant to Roxy’s enormous heart.

BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

When a rescue crew discovered Moyo, she was just a few days old. The young elephant was in serious condition, and her chances of survival were poor to none, yet the adorable little thing, whose name means’ of the heart ‘, overcame the odds. And it’s all because of Roxy’s generosity!

Her organization’s website clarifies, “We believe the elephant nursery is about giving individual vagrants a second chance at life.” “These vagrants, who have been severely harmed, deserve the opportunity to grow and thrive in the regular world.”

BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

The elephant’s life changed forever once she arrived at Roxy’s wildlife refuge in the Harare region. She’s in great shape now, and she can’t stop thinking about the woman who saved her life. Roxy, on the other hand, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her favorite friend.

BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

“She recognizes my voice, smells my scent, and knows where I am at all times,” the woman explained. “I have no idea how!” There are animals with whom I have a special bond of friendship, trust, and love. “She” is one of them.

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