A woman who is 23 years old already has 11 children and wants to have many more.

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Imagine having eleven babies all wanting your attention at the same time. A 23-year-old woman named Christina Ozturk lives this way, and she couldn’t be happy. In fact, she loves children so much that she wants to have even more of them.

Bright Side talked to the young mother to give our readers a look into her life. You’ll find a cute movie of all the kids at the end.

Teenage mum of a baby

Christina had her first child, Victoria, when she was 17 years old. She was a single mother, but her life changed when she met her now-husband on vacation. She said that he fell in love with her the moment he saw her and asked her to marry him and have lots of kids.

How to have the biggest family of all time

Most of Christina’s children were born at the same time and are the same age! Since she and her husband couldn’t have that many kids at once, they used a surrogate to grow their family quickly. She is still their real mother, even if she didn’t give birth to all of them. The couple wants to have a lot more children, but they haven’t decided how many.
To take care of kids, it takes a village.

Her 56-year-old wealthy boyfriend is a great dad who makes sure everyone in the family has what they need. There are nannies and several helpers to help Christina take care of the kids in the best way possible.
A day like any other for Christina.

Christina tells us that she and her husband have each taken on some of the duties. He takes care of his job, and she takes care of the kids. They often take the kids for walks, play board games and watch films with them. They set aside the weekends for family time, and no matter what day it is, they make sure to eat together.

Watch the group get together for picture shoots as a bonus.

Would you like to have a big family if you had the time and money?

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