A woman who said she wasn’t pretty enough for her husband wanted to break down prejudices and show us how to love ourselves for who we are.

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You are currently viewing A woman who said she wasn’t pretty enough for her husband wanted to break down prejudices and show us how to love ourselves for who we are.

True love doesn’t care about your height, weight, or age. Unfortunately, we often put labels and outward appearances ahead of real relationships with other people. But partners like Alicia and Scott show us that love and happiness come from the inside and teach us not to judge people based on how they look.

Alicia McCarvell has become well-known on social media thanks to her funny posts and efforts to spread body acceptance. Even though she has millions of fans who like and follow her adventures, she also gets criticism and hurtful comments about her marriage.


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The content creator chose to say something after a video that went viral got attention for what she thought were the wrong reasons. Alicia shared a clip of the transformation trend in which she and Scott start out in towels and then get dressed. People who didn’t know the couple at all wrote mean messages and comments, saying they couldn’t believe that Scott, who is physically fit, could love Alicia, who is overweight.

The Canadian woman talked about some of the assumptions she has to deal with every day. “Oh, she probably wasn’t fat when they met, or she must be rich,’ or ‘he must be gay,’ or ‘he has a thing for fat women,'” she said. We were told that a fit guy like Scott could never, ever fall in love with or be suitable with a fat woman.

Alicia and Scott have been together for 16 years, but not many people know that. They first fell in love when they were in school, and they’ve stayed together through a lot of hard times, supporting and respecting each other and enjoying the love they have at every stage of their lives.

Alicia said that when she lost her job and was at a crossroads, it was her husband who gave her the most support and encouraged her to find herself and follow her dreams. So, they got the idea to post funny movies of their life together. They wanted to show how often they laughed and were happy. Also, Scott wanted to show the world how sweet Alicia is because he thought everyone would love her as much as he does.

Alicia made a great choice when she decided to start making content, which led to her getting millions of fans. She has also learned a lot about self-esteem from the people she has met. The current social media star suffered from self-doubt and said that she used to think like other people and feel like she didn’t deserve Scott’s love: “I thought that if I didn’t like myself, how could he?”

The world’s most beautiful girl is now older. This is how she looks now.

Alicia realized that her husband’s love for her had never changed. How she sees things has changed, which lets him love her the way he has always wanted.

This made her start reacting to the criticism and negativity they get online by teaching people how harmful false beauty standards are and how important it is to see each person for who they really are and what they are worth. “When people look at us, they immediately see Scott as more important than me,” said the influencer.

She said her husband had gotten texts from slim, conventionally attractive women saying he should be with someone like them. “Me telling myself for most of our relationship that I am not worthy of his love because of my body is the same as this thin woman telling him that she is worthy of him because of her body,” she stressed.

Alicia also said that people often ask her if she feels jealous of the lookout Scott gets. But the influencer stressed that she is sure of their love because she knows that her husband loves her for her sense of humor, hard work, and kind heart, not for how she looks or how much she weighs.

Alicia wants people to focus on what makes them special instead of just how they look. Since these beauty standards have existed for a long time, the leader knows that society gives too much weight to them. She also says that we can change that and that it is everyone’s job to get rid of biases.

Have you ever felt like your choices or the way you look was being judged? How did you deal with the way you felt?

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