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A year of raising a strange “Japanese Spitz” turns out to be a white fox.

Sometimes you believe you know someone well, only to be proven wrong. We’ve all been. Similarly, occasionally you think you’re raising a Japanese Spitz, but it’s actually a white fox. Okay, That second occurrence is less common, although it happened to a Chinese woman.

Ms. Wang bought a gorgeous Japanese Spitz puppy from a pet store in China, eager to adopt it and cherish it. She took care of her new pet for more than a year. She started to notice things that were different about her fluffy friend.

At three months old, the pup refused to consume its dog food and acquired thicker fur. Its nose grew longer and its tail grew pointier.

Strangely, the pup never barked. She found it odd, but she was surprised to learn that her beloved dog was not a Japanese Spitz, but a cat.

According to the Daily Mail, park visitors finally convinced Ms. Wang that her “Japanese Spitz” was a domesticated fox. She saw that other dogs in the park avoided her dog, so she took him to the zoo to see if the other park-goers were correct.

Ms. Wang took her pet to the Taiyuan Zoo, where it was identified as a domesticated fox. She was devastated; she had spent nearly a year caring for her youngster, but she knew the fox wouldn’t be happy as a pet.

Ms. Wang sent her fox to the zoo to offer it a better existence. It was a difficult decision, but now the fox can be properly cared for and live with other foxes, and Ms. Wang is welcome to visit.

Overall, that’s definitely the best way to end this odd story. For the record, a Japanese Spitz looks like this. It does resemble a white fox! Please share this article with your friends and family on Facebook.

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