Adorable Baby Emperor Penguin Becomes Internet Sensation

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Cute baby Emperor penguins go viral on the internet

On the huge internet, the most touching and cute things are sometimes the ones that get everyone’s attention. In the same way, a cute video of a baby emperor penguin has been making people cry all over social media.

The one-minute and three-second video, which was first posted on Twitter by Adventure World Official and then again by a user called Fasc1nate, shows a touching scene of breeding staff trying to weigh a 97-day-old baby emperor penguin. The video has a caption that says, “A struggle to weigh a 97-day-old baby emperor penguin.”

The video has been all over the internet since it was posted, getting 24 million views and thousands of likes and shares. It’s easy to see why this cute penguin has become so popular online. The chick is only 97 days old, but it already weighs an amazing 14.1 kg, which shows how strong and sturdy it is.

As the largest and heaviest penguin species still alive, the emperor penguin is a wonder of the bird world. These magnificent animals, which are about 45 inches tall, live in the Antarctic ice and the cold water around it. They are truly interesting creatures that live in the icy landscape.

A lot of people on the internet said “Aww” in answer to the video, showing how much they loved this fluffy and fat penguin. One person on social media shared some interesting facts about emperor penguins, such as the fact that adults can grow up to 122 cm tall and weigh about 30 kg. At such a young age, the cute baby weighs 14.1 kg, so he or she is growing up strong and healthy.

Another user made fun of the penguins by calling them “pudgy,” which made the video even cuter. In the middle of all the love, someone made a funny comment about how working with these cute animals as part of the breeding staff must be one of the best jobs in the world, maybe even better than teaching baby otters how to swim.

The viral video has accumulated more than 24 million views

One curious user, though, couldn’t help but wonder how long it takes for the little penguin to weigh in. This question shows how innocent and curious these animals make us feel.

National Geographic has shown some amazing facts about the lives of emperor penguins, showing how strong and determined they are. These penguins spend the hard Antarctic winter on the open ice, and they even have babies during this tough time. Emperor penguin females lay a single egg and give it to a male before going on a long hunting trip that can last up to two months.

This video is still making people happy all over the world, and it’s a beautiful reminder of the simple pleasures and amazing things that nature has to give. With smiles and “awws” from people of all ages, the cute baby emperor penguin has taken over the internet. We’re celebrating the charm and cuteness that animals always bring.


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