Adorable footage shows the precious moment a tiny baby horse can’t get enough of a woman.

There are many different kinds of animals that enjoy having a lot of cuddling time with their humans. These include baby horses and dogs. Too cute for words, a nearly seven-day-old horse meets an affectionate rider and falls in love with her. The heartwarming scene was caught on video and has already had many people watch it.

Sunny Bayne, from Kentucky, has been in love with horses since she was a little girl. She had a lot of cute moments with horses, but none of them were as cute as this one. Before meeting the foal, the young woman doesn’t know how friendly it is. Soon after she starts gently touching its face, the animal hugs her and shows her why everyone at the farm thinks he’s a puppy.

YouTube/Sunny Bayne

The baby horse pushes the young woman to the ground and then starts to give her a lot of cuddles and kisses under the watchful eye of its mother. Bayne can’t get enough of it. If you hug a tiny horse for a minute, it doesn’t want to keep hugging you for very long. But Sunny said, “This is the best day of my life!”

YouTube/Sunny Bayne

Sunny wrote on Facebook: “Horses have a way about them that makes me feel good inside. I love them.” In her love and curiosity, I could sense it. It was fine for her to walk all over me because, well… look at her. We played like children. That day, she made my heart melt, and I think a few million people felt the same way. One in a million: ”

YouTube/Sunny Bayne

You can see it here:

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