Adorable Rescue A fox giggles with happiness as a person pets him.

Foxes have a lot to love, from their cute fluffy faces and furry coats to the way they play all the time.

This is when the rescue group Save A Fox posted the cutest video of a red fox giggling with joy as someone scratches its belly.

Finnegan, the red fox, looks like a dog whose belly is being scratched. He laughs all the time, like a person with a big smile on his face.

The founder of Save A Fox, Makayla Raines, took the video. She seems to be having almost as much fun as the fox.

“When I took in a tame pet fox a few years ago, I learned about the world of domestic foxes,” she says.

“Domestic foxes are different from wild foxes because they are born in captivity and sold as pets.” They are also raised on “fur farms” so that their fur can be sold.

“There are legal and moral reasons why foxes born in captivity can’t be set free in the wild.”

She started the foundation in 2017 when she realized how many of these cute animals really needed a place to live.

Many of the foxes we take in at Save A Fox come from fur farms, are given up as pets, or were taken from their owners because they were doing something wrong.

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