After 20 Years Of Marriage

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Reading stories is good for your mental, physical, and social health in many ways. When you laugh at something funny, endorphins are released, which naturally lower stress and improve happiness. This change in the body not only makes the immune system stronger, but it also makes the heart healthier by boosting blood flow and relaxing the cardiovascular system. When it comes to making friends, jokes are great because they break the ice, making awkward situations less awkward and helping people connect by making everyone laugh.

On a brain level, finding humor can help you be more creative and solve problems by encouraging you to think outside the box and be mentally flexible. Laughter can also help relieve pain briefly by making the body make endorphins, which are painkillers. To sum up, reading jokes daily can greatly improve your mental, physical, and social health.

Take a look at this joke:

They had been married for twenty years when one night the wife felt her husband touch her in ways he hadn’t used in a long time. When his fingers first touched her neck and then moved down past the small of her back, it almost hurt.

Then, he slowly moved his hand down one side, then the other, until it stopped just above her lower stomach. He had placed his hand on her shoulders and neck. He then put his hand on the inside of her left arm and caressed it downwards, making his way down her side. He gently went over her buttock and then in between them, then down her leg to her calf.

After that, he moved up her inner thigh and stopped just above the top of her leg. He kept doing the same thing on her right side, but all of a sudden he stopped, rolled over, and went quiet.

She asked in a loving voice, “That was wonderful,” because the touching had made her very excited. What made you stop?”

“I found the remote,” he responded.

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