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After 25 years in the circus, a black bear gets a cool rain shower from the sun.

Wild animals should always be out in the wild, where they belong. No matter how dangerous or scary their own environment is, they will always follow the rules of nature. Circuses are wrong in so many ways because wild animals belong in the wild. Even though some circuses take good care of their animals, they are never as happy as they would be in the wild because they don’t have any freedom.

What’s more important than letting animals live freely and making sure they’re happy? Toshka was an old bear who had been in a circus for 25 years. The story we are about to tell is about him.

After being bored for 25 years, this big furry animal was saved and taken to a sanctuary in Satanov, Ukraine, for “rehabilitation and life support.”

Toshka is seen taking cool showers in the bright sun after he was moved to a sanctuary in Ukraine. Cool showers were hard to come by in the circus, and they were only a dream. This is one reason why he likes to take a cool shower in the sun whenever he can.

The staff at the sanctuary was quick to catch these heartwarming moments on camera. When they were posted online, they quickly went viral and touched the hearts of millions of people.

This animal’s 25 years in the circus seemed to have taken away its natural majesty. Because of this, Toshka used to be afraid and hide all day. With the help of the staff at the sanctuary, Toshka stopped being afraid and started to enjoy the sun, the water, and the love he was getting. Now, he can live the rest of his life in peace and love.

A member of the sanctuary’s staff said in an interview, “Toshka was so afraid of people that he didn’t come out of the bushes for two weeks. He was a circus bear for most of his life, but now he’s here to get better and stay alive. Another caring member of Toshka’s staff says, “Care and attention made his heart melt.”

Now, his favorite thing to do is take a sun shower. He sits down and is ready to stay there for hours.” If this story makes you feel sad, why not tell your family and friends about it?

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