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After a month apart, Baby Panda and Mommy

A baby panda and her mother reunite after a month apart. Yuan Zai was born on July 6th in Taiwan’s Taipei Zoo.

Due to her injuries, she had to be transported away from her mother and into a special incubator where she was constantly monitored and cared for. She was returned to her mother, Yuan Yuan, after a month. Their caregivers cautiously reintroduced the duo and studied Yuan Yuan’s behavior with the cub. They separated Yuan Zai from her mother before opening the doors.

They didn’t need to worry as Yuan Yuan took her cub back to her enclosure. They stared in awe as she cradled her infant to soothe Yuan Zai. Her mothering instincts helped her locate the right snuggling position.

Yuan Zai started nursing her baby, and after a long day of feeding and reconnecting, mother and daughter are fatigued and take a nap together.

They kept Yuan Yuan and her baby apart at night so they could slumber well. Watch their sweet reunion in the video below. Yuan Zai has grown into a healthy young panda after the video was shot. Watch the video below:

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