Albino Orangutan lives peace in her own island

This story is about Alba, the world’s only living albino Orangutan. Alba is also the only one of her kind. There are very few apes like her, with white fur and blue eyes.

Because she is so different, it’s not only beautiful. Because poachers and people who trade in wildlife want to get their hands on her.

Alba, like all albinos, is more likely to get skin diseases and lose her hearing and vision than her pigment-rich peers.

A good thing happened: The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation stepped in and took action to keep her safe! They told her story and started a campaign to buy Alba her own island, so she could live there. Because she won’t be safe in her old house.

Her story went viral, and Alba’s dream came true after she raised $80,000. The foundation bought a remote island and turned it into a safe place for Alba and her three other friends, who were able to stay there.

When you go to a forest island, you’ll find a 25-acre jungle surrounded by many canals. The BOS adds extra security and keeps an eye on health and behavior.

The new Alba forest island will be kept safe by security staff who often patrol the island. The communications officer, Nico Hermanu, says that the sanctuary initiative also needs help from the local government and the people in the area. This way, they can be sure that Alba will be safe on her new island in the forest.

As she was taken away from her home in the wild, she didn’t learn about some important things for living. So she has to go through forest training and socialization to learn how her babies would do things naturally from their mothers.

Once and for all, the rarest ape will be able to live in peace and safety.

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