You are currently viewing Amazing Video of Pink flamingos feed in the water.

Amazing Video of Pink flamingos feed in the water.

With one leg bent under their body, pink flamingos stand on one leg with the other bent under them. This is the first flamingo that was born in a European zoo. It was born in 1958 at the Zoo Basel. Most of them came from Basel, and they’ve spread all over the world. Many people say that the greater flamingo is the tallest of the six species of flamingo. When the 83-year-old greater flamingo died in January of 2014, it was thought to be the oldest one.

The baby flamingos usually come out greyish-red, but the big or adult ones come in a wide range of colors, from light pink to bright orange. This is because the adult flamingos are usually bigger and have more color. The reason is their food. These birds are also thought to be noisy. Also, these birds are very social because they live in groups where there could be a lot of them.

This happened at the San Diego Zoo: A short clip of Flamingos eating in the water was caught. They come out from time to time, and the pink heads of the birds separate out the food.

Is it true? It is said that they use their bills to dig up dirt and water to feed. Then they pump it out at the sides. They use lamellae to catch the small animals they eat, and they do this with them. Omnivores: Because they eat blue-green algae and bugs, they are omnivores.

American Flamingos are red because they eat food with a lot of pigment. The ones that eat animals that have eaten blue-green algae are dark.

More info and Photo courtesy: San Diego Zoo

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