An adorable video of a little girl walking her disabled puppy has people all over the world in tears!

The dog and his little friend are just too cute for words. We’ll do our best to write about them. Taking walks together and snuggling up are two things the two enjoy doing together. When they are seen in the neighborhood, people’s eyes move. You can see that this duo is more than extraordinary. They are breaking down barriers and breaking down stereotypes, too.

Echo When Jenny wants to take her dog for a walk, even though the dog can’t hear or see, she doesn’t stop. The little boy even wants to hold the leash with his mom next to him. A lot of people say Jenny and her mom are best friends.

Jenny likes to give the big dog some of her food, and Echo is very protective of his little friend. The two have a very close relationship. There is a good thing Jenny’s mom came to the rescue of Echo. Because of her disabilities, the dog was almost put down by her previous owner. We double-dog dare you not to fall in love with this video of real love in action!

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