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An ER doctor performs CPR on a stray cat to save her life, and now they can’t be apart.

Doctors are like angels when we need them the most. They always come when we need them. The kindness of these people doesn’t just reach people. It also affects animals as well. This story is the best proof.

For a white stray cat living in Istanbul, an accident was needed to meet her long-term partner. The kitten tried to go into the zel Akgün Tem Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, to get help. It didn’t work out. There was a time when she tried to visit, but it almost killed her. In the middle of getting into the hospital, someone came out of the building and went back in. As a result, he didn’t notice the little creature. She got stuck between the glass panel and the door jamb.

The kitten couldn’t breathe and was in a very bad situation. People at the Zelda Akgun hospital were quick to help her, even ER doctor Halil Akyürek. As the cat lay unconscious, the kind doctor started to do things that could save her life.

“The cat’s neck was completely stuck,” Akyürek said to the news outlet Haber Turk. “She was having a hard time breathing.” I put my hand on her back and took off her shoes and clothes in the correct way. She was in the right place. We began CPR right away.

As a good thing, the doctor’s work paid off when the little cat started to breathe again. Then he went to a vet to find out what kind of medicine to give her. Later, the staff and the hero doctor thought about giving the stray kitten a name. What a better name than “Miracle” would have been!

It wasn’t the only miracle of the day, but it was still a good thing. As soon as he saved her life, Akyürek knew that there was only one way to end the day that was right – by being happy. Miracle was chosen by the doctor. Now they can’t be apart.

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