An orange-colored baby orca was seen in the North Sea.

The baby orca whale had been seen in the Moray Firth near Duncansby Head, Caithness, with some bigger orca whales who were bigger than him.

They are so cute! Karen Munro, 44, who is a big animal fan and is a wildlife enthusiast, loves to see them. There were whales about 10-20m away from where she was. More information and a picture: Karen Munro and SWNS.

She told me that she’s in a group on Facebook where people who are interested in orcas like her are also in the group. It was from there that she had heard about a pod in Duncans Bay and gone to see it. She had tried to look at them from three different places, but the distance was too far for her to see them well.

From the third point, she saw them about 10 to 20 meters away from her. She was shocked to see them so close. This orange-colored Orca calf was in that pod at the time, and she had seen it then. She thought the calf was a few months old. More info & Photo courtesy: Karen Munro via SWNS

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