You are currently viewing An unsettling image of a dog with a human-like face has gone viral.

An unsettling image of a dog with a human-like face has gone viral.

When caring for a dog, you wonder whether there is a tiny human inside your beloved fur ball. In many ways, dogs resemble people, but this dog’s similarity is astounding.

Only her friends’ comments about her dog’s human-like characteristics made Chantal Desjardins realize the resemblance. Yogi’s photos became popular online, eliciting bewildered yet humorous remarks. Despite his human-like appearance, Yogi is a playful puppy that loves to hug and play. (h/t)

Yogi is a Shih-Poo who is a year old.

Here are a few examples of the outraged replies Yogi has elicited:

“I’ve never seen anything so disturbing.”

I hope so. I’m trying to sleep. It’s very unsettling. Nicolas Cage as an Ewok? I’d hate to pet it.

Weirdly, I’m rocking back and forth, trying to convince myself it’s simply a face swap.

Yogi and his face had clearly been impacted. But, while these photographs aren’t edited, Yogi’s appearance varies.

The human-like impression may be caused by well-groomed fur and a human-like pose.

Here he is with the same dog, but facing a different way. Isn’t it normal?

Chantal enjoys the internet’s puzzled reaction to her dog, which may be because she knows the truth about her dog.

Yogi is ideal.

“He’s the fluffiest puppy ever!” Chantal exclaims, “He’s the best!”

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