Angelina Jolie and Maddox have an amazing relationship; she knew he was meant to be her son because of it.

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You are currently viewing Angelina Jolie and Maddox have an amazing relationship; she knew he was meant to be her son because of it.

While she was still married to Billie Bob Thornton in 2002, Angelina Jolie’s choice to adopt her son Maddox from an orphanage in Cambodia changed her life. Even though it took a long time and there were problems, Angelina and Maddox’s dream mother-son relationship has been an example to many. Here is a look at their journey.

Angelina knew that her son was in Cambodia when she first arrived.

Angelina knew from the start that she wanted to adopt. The actress said, “Some little girls learn about having babies, but when I was young and learned what an orphan was, I could not wait to find my family all over the world, bring us all together, and make a home.”

When she went to a shelter in Cambodia, Maddox, who used to be called Rath Vibol, was put in her arms and went to sleep. Then he opened his eyes and smiled, which made her cry. Jolie said, “This kid was okay being in my arms.”

Maddox changed Angelina’s life.

Angelina used to get sad or hurt herself when things did not go her way, but now that she is a mother, she can not afford to do either. She said, “I have never had a relationship or love like this.”

Maddox became an older brother to Zahara in 2005 and to Pax in 2007. Jolie later had three children with Brad Pitt. Shiloh was born in 2006, and twins Vivienne and Knox were born two years later.

Adoption and charity are good things in the Jolie family.

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Adoption and caring for orphans are seen as good things in their families. Angelina said that all adopted kids are a beautiful secret that comes into people’s lives and that “They have roots that you don’t. Respect them. Study what they did. It is the coolest trip to go on together. They are not coming into your world, but you are coming into theirs,” she said.

Angelina ensured that Maddox was raised with his family’s culture in mind.

Jolie bought a house for Maddox in Cambodia, where he was born and where he often goes back and forth. She also started the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which helps with the Asian country’s education, health, infrastructure, and environment.

Maddox, now 21 years old, has grown into a young adult with many different hobbies. In 2019, he went to a college in South Korea to study biotechnology, which was his interest. He also became his mother’s right hand in the entertainment business. He was an executive producer for Jolie’s highly acclaimed film. First, They Kil*ed My Father.

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Maddox was a big reason Angelina decided to do the project, and the mother and son continued working together on creative projects. Angelina often talks about Maddox’s natural ability and how well they work together.

Angelina Jolie does not think that she is a great parent. But this mom of six tries to accept them for who they are, and she is always there to help them grow in all the ways that make them who they are.

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