Ann-Margret now makes her living as a celebrity because she was Elvis’ mistress.

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You are currently viewing Ann-Margret now makes her living as a celebrity because she was Elvis’ mistress.

Ann-Margret’s unpolished look, boundless vitality, and unadulterated enthusiasm were a welcome change of pace in the swinging ’60s. The now-81-year-old actress from Sweden captivated audiences with her charm, charisma, and dance prowess.

Her relationship with Elvis Presley was widely reported at the time, but despite both of them marrying other people, they remained committed to one another.

“We were truly soul mates, shy on the outside but unbridled within,” Ann-Margret recalled in her memoirs.

Ann-Margret Olsson, an actress, is now regarded as a legend.

Her legacy as one of the greatest live performers old Hollywood has ever produced will endure for decades to come.

Today, though, we’re going to delve a little deeper into the sparks that flew between her and Elvis Presley.

Though Ann-Margret has been cagey about discussing the true events between the two stars, her autobiography, My Story, does provide some fascinating information.

Although their initial meeting date is unknown, Elvis Presley fell in love with the blonde Swedish actress while filming Viva Las Vegas in 1964.

Even though Ann-Margret insists they were soulmates, Elvis Presley married Priscilla. Elvis’ future wife would suffer greatly because of the two of them.

During the Viva Las Vegas shoot, Ann-Margret and Elvis’ chemistry was palpable.

She was so full of life and vitality that she left her three male co-stars in the dust, but Elvis was more than a match for her. Filmink referred to him as “her best on-screen partner ever” (and she was his).

However, the beautiful couple’s feelings for one another were genuine and continued even after filming wrapped.

The two were instantly and intensely drawn to one another.

In her own words, “we both felt a current, an electricity that went straight through us,” Ann-Margret described the sensation. Eventually, “it would become a force we couldn’t control.”

Ann-Margret claims that Elvis pushed for their marriage. On several of their outings together, they would drive to the top of a hill to gaze at the city below as they chatted.

Elvis would often request alone time with Ann-Margret, further convincing her that she was his one true love. Elvis’ confidence in her did wonders for their relationship.

We were quiet on the exterior but wild on the inside; true soul mates. We were both reckless and destructive in our own ways, but we were kindred spirits. Ann-Margret states that she and her husband “remained very childish and emotionally insecure” despite their success and fame.

One hitch, though: Elvis was already involved with Priscilla Presley. Elvis had asked Priscilla, then 17, to move in with him in Memphis a year before the Viva Las Vegas premiere.

However, she was absent during the Hollywood shoot involving Ann-Margret and Elvis.

Although Priscilla was aware of Elvis’ infidelity, she viewed his relationship with Ann-Margret as more dangerous than that with the other women he had a fancy on. Elvis said he was innocent, but Priscilla had her suspicions.

Priscilla was nervous about marrying the attractive blonde, but in the end, the energetic and charming Swede was too similar to Elvis. It wasn’t a positive thing that they were “mirror images,” because Elvis didn’t respect similarity. When it came to marriage, he held firm to conservative ideals. In contrast to Ann-Margret, Priscilla Presley was a good fit for the role.

They kept writing each other after Viva Las Vegas, but Elvis realised he had to terminate things with Ann-Margret soon after.

According to Ann-Margret’s memoir, “My story,” “We knew that our relationship had to end, that Elvis needed to fulfil his commitment.”

She claims it was a “confusing situation” as their relationship fizzled.

Elvis’s separation from her was due to “other factors in his life,” she explained.

’64 photo of Elvis and Ann Margaret

Originally published on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 by Old Hollywood & Beauty.
After Elvis’s marriage to Priscilla, their romantic relationship ended, but they remained friends. Whenever she would play in Sin City, “The King” would give her a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a guitar.

Ann-Margret was a close friend of Elvis’, so when she didn’t get any flowers after a performance in 1977, she knew The King had passed away. Ann-Margret was the only one of Elvis’ female co-stars to show up to his funeral.

Illness of the Husband

The 81-year-old actress and singer has given us some unforgettable on-screen moments and some timeless musical classics during her career.

The Hollywood superstar was born in Sweden in 1941, but she shot to fame in the 1960s. Ann-Margret was born in a little town in northern Sweden, and her meteoric rise to international fame was completely unexpected.

Her family emigrated to the United States from Sweden, a country of “lumberjacks and farmers high up near the Arctic Circle,” in 1946.

There were 160 people living there when she and her mother departed, she claimed.

Ann Margret’s singing career took off, and she was often compared to Elvis Presley for her sensuous, powerful voice. Hollywood quickly realised she was complete, and her arrival on the scene coincided with the peak of her passion onstage.

Her long and successful career in show business began in 1961.

Possibly her most famous role was as all-American teen Kim from Sweet Apple, Ohio in the 1963 musical romance comedy Bye Bye Birdie. Ann-Margret was featured on two separate covers of Life Magazine due to the film’s enormous popularity.

Even though Ann-Margret has accomplished much in her life, she counts her long marriage to actor and manager Roger Smith as the greatest achievement. They wed in 1967 and remained together till Roger’s untimely passing in 2017.

“When I think back on my life, my marriage is the thing I am most proud of,” she remarked.

Ann-Margaret got everything she wanted out of their marriage, but the two had a rocky beginning. The Bye Bye Birdie actress was so upset that she cried throughout the entire civil wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.

She was greatly disappointed by the wedding, which was nothing like she had planned.

According to the latest Madonna health report, the singer is “vomiting uncontrollably” and bedridden.
Months before his tragic accident, Christopher Reeve made a disturbing five-word remark that has stuck with people.

Ultimately, it was irrelevant. Ann-Margret and Roger Smith were a remarkable marriage because of their undying devotion to one another.

The actress told Rex Reed in 1972, “Now in Roger I’ve found all the men I need rolled into one — a father, a friend, a lover, a manager, a businessman.”

I can’t imagine a better fit. Without a powerful man, I would perish.

Sunglassed Roger Smith and Ann-Margret ride in a limo in 1970s New York. Art Zelin/Getty Images)
Ann-Margret is still in the same Los Angeles home she and her husband bought back in 1968.

Ann-Margret and Roger’s relationship was no different from any other in that it had its ups and downs. They spent 13 years trying to start a family, but Ann-Margret was unable to conceive during that time. Without any luck, she tried everything, including a fertility pump.

Ann-Margret gave up in the end, choosing instead to concentrate on her role as a stepmother to Roger’s three children from a previous relationship.

At age 76, Ann-Margret lost her soul mate. Since her husband Roger had been forced to retire from acting in the 1980s due to his struggle with myasthenia gravis, she was not shocked by his death in 2017. His vein and nerve condition compounded the effects of his Parkinson’s disease, which were already severe.

Ann-Margret had to take time off to take care of him as well because of his illness. During her partner’s protracted sickness, she shown unwavering devotion.

I was taking care of him, so I continued declining offers of help. When one partner in a couple is ill or injured, the other steps up to the plate, she explained.

Ann-Margret was obviously saddened by the loss of her spouse, yet she was able to carry on with her life.

A close friend said to Closer Weekly in 2019 that while she “certainly mourned for Roger,” what brought her the most joy was remembering the life they had built together. She believes that the end of a great love story is not in death. You have something of their soul within you.

Fanatical about riding motorcycles

As of the year 2023, the gifted lady has a busy schedule. She has a purple Harley Davidson and a passion for motorcycles.

The 81-year-old actress (who is still stunning) enjoys the rush of adrenaline she gets from the strength of the machine and the wind in her hair. She clearly isn’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

If I go to a biker hangout, for example, my bike will be the only purple one there. And there, among the Harleys and Ducatis, is my flowering lavender. Interesting. “They really enjoy it,” she explains.

CBS claims that in 2022 she participated in the TV movie A Holiday Spectacular, proving that she is still active in the Hollywood industry. She has also found love again, however she does not want to reveal the identity of her new beau. She thinks falling in love again is a “nice feeling,” and that the new man in her life is someone she already knows.

I appreciate it all very much. And for that, I am eternally grateful. The native Swede confirmed as much to CBS.

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