Art From Stones What Find On The Beach

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I use stones I find on the beach to make art.

If you are born and raised in Fano, you live in harmony with the sea and its sandy, rocky shores. And looking for little stones with strange shapes that look like people or things is one of the funniest games in there.

As a father who loves traditions, I taught my three-year-old son Davide about this fun hobby. He quickly became interested in what nature has to offer, and with just the right amount of creativity, he did his best to find stones with strange shapes. We’ve started making pieces that are more detailed and complicated by putting them together under the beach umbrella. They were bad because after making them, we had to watch them get destroyed at dusk.

For us, these were small works of art. Losing them gave me the idea to put the stones on a wooden base and turn them into real pictures.


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