As Paradise burns, this cat who was saved by a hero won’t let go of him.

Ryan Coleman is a firefighter who often risks his life to save people and animals from dangerous fires. As he worked quickly to put out a particularly dangerous wildfire, a grateful local didn’t mind getting close to saying “thanks.” Colman was just doing his job when suddenly, a gray cat came out of the ashes. He tried to get back to his work, but it was clear that the scared cat needed some human attention.

Ryan Coleman / Facebook When it was clear that the cat wasn’t going anywhere, Colman put it on his shoulder, where it sat happily for the rest of the day while he worked. No one knows when this cat last saw its family or what else it has been through. Facebook/Ryan Coleman You can watch this touching video below. It’s easy to see why it’s caused the Internet to basically split in two. Thank you, Captain Coleman, for all the brave things you did to save people!

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