At the CMT Awards, Shania Twain defended her new look and bold outfits by saying, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”

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You are currently viewing At the CMT Awards, Shania Twain defended her new look and bold outfits by saying, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”

Shania Twain is a big deal in the music world. With hits like “You’re Still the One,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and “Man! People have called Shania Twain the “Queen of Country Pop,” she is the best-selling female country music star of all time.

This week, Twain splashed at this year’s CMT Awards. The 57-year-old singer showed off a bold new look and some clothes that showed a lot of skin.

Some of her friends say she looks great for her age, while others say she looks different. But Twain has answered her critics by saying that all she wants to do is have fun.

Shania Twain was honored at the yearly country music awards show. She was given the Equal Play Award, which is given to artists who support voices that aren’t often heard in country music.

“There’s not enough time to wear boring clothes.”

When she went to the CMT Awards, Shania wore a Prabal Gurung dress with a butterfly print, hip cutouts, and a high slit. It went well with her bright red hair.

Later, when it was time for the country singer to take her award, she changed into another revealing outfit: a purple crop top, matching shorts, a cowboy hat, and thigh-high boots.

She looked great, but some people didn’t like how bold her style was.

Some fashion experts said she should dress more like her age, and some friends on social media said she didn’t look like herself anymore because she changed her style so much from her old look.

“Fashion is a powerful tool that helps me show who I am and how creative I can be,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“It’s one of my favorite things about going to award shows, besides hanging out with my friends for the night.”

“Life is way too short to wear boring clothes.”


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“I might change the color of my hair every week.”

Twain said that her highly colored hair was a sign that she was getting older and starting to go grey. Some celebrities are proud of this older look, but Twain has used it as a chance to get artistic.

“I’ve had many different styles over the years,” she told E! News. “Right now, I’m having more fun with color, which I like because I’m going grey.”

“As my hair turns grey, I think, ‘I might as well try out different colors.'” I could change the color of my hair every week. So what? I’ll start with a clean slate. I’m putting that to the test.”

Shania Twain made a big splash not only because of how she looked but also because of what she said when she got the Equal Play Award.

She thanked CMT for supporting her and spoke up for “all-inclusive country music,” saying that her anthem “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” has been adopted by many different groups and has become “such a real path of power, which makes me so happy.”

“This type of music has a long and interesting past, and it has helped me write songs, perform, and record since I was a child. “At the moment, the industry standard is really bad for this,” she said.

“I hope this opportunity and spotlight impresses you much and lights up the careers of these very talented people on their journey,” she concluded. “As a pioneer, I’ll keep doing my best. Let’s work together to ensure that all artists, regardless of age, race, or gender, get the same amount of work.

Shania Twain once sang, “The best thing about being a woman is the right to have a little fun,” and it’s clear that at 57, she’s still having fun and trying new things, just like she said.

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