Baby deer are so cute that they bring happiness to everyone they meet.

In the video below, you can see a baby deer named Rudie. It didn’t start out well for him. Two days old, the deer had to be taken to the hospital because his leg was cut off. They didn’t know what happened to him, but it was clear that the baby needed to be taken care of right away because he was so sick.


When Rudie went to the hospital, there was nothing else they could do but cut off his leg. When Rudie was a baby, other baby deer didn’t have to learn how to walk on just three legs.


But that was just one of the things Rudie would have to deal with in the long run. There was also the question of where Rudie would have to live from now on. It was a good thing that one of the vets who took care of Rudie took him and gave him a home for life. Rudie’s life changed a lot for the better from that point on, and it got even better from there on.

With all of his new friends, the baby deer spends most of his time running around the farm where he lives. All of the animals he meets there are happy to spend time with Rudie because he brings happiness to everyone he meets. You should see this!

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