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Baby Monkey Treats Baby Ducks Like Family

It never ceases to amaze us how animals can be so adorable. Your daily dose of cute animals!

This lovely monkey takes care of many ducklings, and it melts our hearts! There is nothing cuter than infant monkeys and fuzzy ducklings together. That’s a lot of cuteness.

This video is everything you wanted. The whole thing lasts 8 minutes. This film will soften even the hardest hearts. Angry? We suggest this video!

The video begins with the young monkey affectionately gazing at the ducklings. The ducklings continue to groom the newborn monkey’s fur while stroking and petting them. They all look happy and relaxed, hanging out together.

Also, the young monkey hugs one of the ducklings in the video! And the rest are huddled.

We’re officially over this sweetness! This monkey embrace takes embracing and loving to new heights.

Then the monkey decided to go look for something to eat. The family is not pleased that their darling baby monkey is far away. So they don’t let the monkey go! Isn’t that cute?

The ducklings seem to think the newborn monkey is their new mother. The group follows the monkey!

When it’s snack time, the ducklings eat yum delicious rice while the monkey drinks from a prepared bottle. Isn’t it cute that they eat together? Despite their differing diets, they like eating together.

The young monkey is climbing up the tree to practice swinging since, well, he’s a baby. So, where are the ducks?

So the monkey descends the tree, only to find his ducklings waiting for him. And the party keeps exploring their forest home, getting used to their surroundings.

And he’s a hungry monkey! It can’t help but munch on the plants as they walk through the woods. A number of the ducklings look to be dozing, but they need not fear as their ‘mommy’ is keeping them safe.

Image/Video Credit & More Info; Animals Home/youtube

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