Baby sloths who were saved are talking to each other. Try not to laugh.

This cute moment was caught on camera when two baby sloths were talking to each other.

You may have seen animals like puppies and kittens talking to each other, but this doesn’t happen very often. Since they’re sloths! And you don’t see them very often.

This couple was caught in Costa Rica at the Sloth Sanctuary. Since 1997, people in Costa Rica have been able to visit the Sloth Sanctuary. It has been given permission to be a rescue center. The sanctuary’s goal is to save, heal, study, and release sloths, with a strong focus on protecting the Costa Rican rain forests, which are the sloths’ natural home. Because sloths live in the rain forests of Costa Rica,

Those two are so cute together. Even though we don’t understand them, their soft voices still show how cute they are.

The staff at the sanctuary know everything there is to know about sloths and work hard to help them get better. Then they put them back in their place.

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