Bird or bunny? The internet is confused by a video of an optical illusion.

A video with an optical illusion went viral recently, and people can’t decide if the back of a bird’s head is being scratched or a rabbit’s nose.

The video first appeared on Imgur. Someone shared it on Twitter with the caption, “Rabbits love having their noses stroked!” Since then, more than five million people have watched the video.What looks like the ears of a rabbit could just as easily be a bird’s beak. This really surprised everyone. So, the strange reactions just keep coming!

“Wait, I’d never see a rabbit just by looking at it, but I did, and now I keep seeing the crow more… “Which one?” Someone sent a tweet. Another person said, “Wow, I sat here for a long time and saw someone petting a crow with its beak open to the air, and I thought, ‘Rabbits?'”

But after a heated argument, the mystery seemed to be solved.

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