Blind Man And His Service Dog Kicked Out Of Restaurant After Being Told ‘You Don’t Look Blind’

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Paul's dog Mr. Maple has a guide dog harness. TikTok / @matthewandpaul

The Blind Man and His Help A restaurant kicked a dog out after telling it, “You don’t look blind.”

A man who is legally blind and his guide dog were recently turned away from a restaurant because they didn’t “look blind.”


A legally blind man and his guide dog were turned away from a Seattle restaurant because the man didn’t “look blind.”

This event, which TikToker Paul shared last Wednesday, quickly got the attention of millions of people online.

Paul and his guide dog, Mr. Maple, were on their way into a nearby restaurant when they were stopped by a worker.

The worker told them that the restaurant’s rules said that pets weren’t allowed inside and only service dogs were allowed.

Paul’s dog Mr. Maple has a guide dog harness.
TikTok / @matthewandpaul

The worker asked Paul if Mr. Maple was only a “emotional support dog” after he told them that Mr. Maple was a service dog.

“You don’t look blind,” the person replied, when Paul showed them the guide dog collar and told them, “I’m blind.”

After telling the worker this, Paul went on to say that many blind people still have some useful vision.

After that, the worker asked Paul how he could look right at him if he was blind.

It was made clear by Paul that he has a “pinhole of vision” that sometimes lets him see straight ahead.

The worker wasn’t satisfied and said, “This isn’t my first rodeo,” showing that he had more doubts about Paul’s disability.

He even said he would call the cops if Paul went back to the restaurant, even though Paul offered to bring Mr. Maple’s paperwork to show that his dog was a service dog.

Paul said, “I’m speechless” at the end of the video to show how shocked he was.

Since then, the video has become very famous and has been seen 9.4 million times.

Paul didn’t name the restaurant in public, even though many viewers asked him to, but he did meet with the boss of the restaurant privately to talk about what happened.

He made it clear that he didn’t want to take formal action against the employee or fire them. Instead, he wanted everyone to understand and be more aware going forward.

In response, the diner told Paul they were sorry and even gave him a gift card to use if he wanted to come back.

The TikTok community has come together to support Paul and have praised how calmly and eloquently he has handled the situation.

Paul has since gone back to the restaurant and received an apology.
TikTok / @matthewandpaul

“Very classy response,” said one viewer. You have to be strong and sure of yourself to give someone who has done something wrong a chance to make it right and teach them at the same time. The masterclass.”

“I am always amazed by how gracefully you deal with everything life throws at you,” said someone else. “I’m glad things worked out so well.”

A third user said, “As someone with an invisible disability, thank you for having that meeting.” This person understood Paul’s position.

Because of this event, people are talking more about how visible disabilities are and how assumptions can lead to confusion and discrimination.

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