California Couple Quit Their Teaching Jobs To Start Their Own ‘Anti-Woke’ School

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You are currently viewing California Couple Quit Their Teaching Jobs To Start Their Own ‘Anti-Woke’ School

Two teachers in California quit their jobs to start their own “anti-woke” school.


Recently, a couple from California said they were quitting their jobs as teachers to start a school that champions “traditional American values” and stays away from “woke” ideas.

Many people have strong opinions about what should be taught in schools for a long time now.

Some people would rather stick to more traditional topics than the more modern ones that are being presented.

This couple is taking a big step by opening their own school to fight what they see as a highly political trend in public schools.

This new online school was started by Kali Fontanilla and her husband Joshua.



They are now focusing on “traditional American values” instead of the usual school curriculum because they think it tends to teach kids liberal politics.

They both used to teach in Salinas, California.

They quit their jobs to start the Exodus Institute, even though they had worked in education for 20 years.

Joshua told the Daily Mail about his worries, saying:

“I think that being a conservative or someone who believes in traditional American values is something that makes you vulnerable or noticeable in the public school system as a whole.”

“It’s gotten to the point in public schools where you can’t just mind your own business and keep your politics to yourself because they push it on everyone that you have to participate in liberal politics.”

During the years Kali taught in regular public schools, she saw big changes.

She said, “Back then, teachers didn’t have to deal with a lot of things.”

Not only did you not have to include pronouns in your bio or email greeting, you also did not have to ask your students about their pronouns. No one at work was bragging about their white advantages.

Kali, who is 41 years old and of mixed race, said that there will be more highly charged projects in schools after George Floyd’s death in 2020.

It was offered to her as a “gift for black teachers,” and it came with a mask that said “black educators matter.”

“I don’t want to be known for the colour of my skin. I want to be known for the work I have done as a teacher in the classroom,” she said.


“What if a white teacher wore a mask that said ‘white teachers matter?'” Making a political point is also part of it. It’s a political statement for me to wear a black educators matter mask.

As she and her husband called the Exodus Institute in May 2022, it was “anti-woke.”


Almost 200 students are currently enrolled at the school, and each pays between $2,000 and $8,000 a year in tuition.

Joshua talked about the school’s philosophy: “It’s a counter, it’s anti-woke, and it fights against the lies that the left teaches.”

“But really it’s just going back to traditional American values.”

The couple also runs the Young Patriots Academy, which kids who are homeschooled can use to boost their education for $29 a month.

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