Capturing this rare encounter with Mama Leopard and Her Cubs is a family’s dream come true. How to Cross a Road safely (video)

You may see exotic animals in a zoo, but seeing them in their natural habitat is a very different experience. Some travelers in Africa were fortunate enough to witness a mother lion cub and her pups up close and personal at a very poignant moment. Imagine stopping for a leopard after you’ve already had to stop for deer and ducks.

South Africa’s Kruger National Park was the scene of the meeting. One of the visitors was 64-year-old Thinus Delport, who captured the affair on camera.

He told Latest Sightings, “We hit a traffic block where a few cars were stalled.” ‘It seemed like they were looking at a pride of lions,’ one observer remarked.” Suddenly, it dawned on them that they had come to see a leopard… and soon found that she wasn’t the only one experiencing this. A mother leopard and her pups were scurrying around in the brush behind our vehicle!”

Seeing the leopard mother and her babies safely cross the street was sweet. Mother bear swiftly returns to her cubs after one of them runs away, and his brother joins him, despite their rowdy antics.

We were quite fortunate to catch a glimpse of him. The family hadn’t even seen a leopard in the park before this incident occurred. When a leopard mother moves her babies at such an early age, it is an incredibly rare sighting, according to Thinus. We have never seen anything like this in our near half-century of visiting the Kruger National Park. “Patience really does pay off,” this just proves.”

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