Couple Is Clueless Why Their Instagram Photo Went Viral

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The couple has no idea why their Instagram picture became so popular.

People are able to make big changes in their lives. As we learn and grow, our minds and spirits also change. Still, the most obvious change we go through is in our bodies. One couple shared a picture of how they’ve changed over the past 10 years. People are amazed at how different they look, and the pictures of them have gone viral, which makes the couple very confused.

Between 2010 and 2017

Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey, her husband now, started going out together in 2007. They used to live in New Jersey but now they live in San Diego. They live in Costa Rica at the moment. If you looked through their Instagram page, there would be a lot of pictures of them with toned bodies. But Wendy and Dan didn’t always live like this.

In 2017, they put up a set of pictures that showed how they had changed from 2010 to 2017. Ten years separated them, but that time showed how much they had changed. You might not have known they were the same people if you saw them before 2017.

Wendy wrote under the picture, “10-year difference! 2007 on the left, 2017 on the right. Everyday I had a perm and wore my hair stuck to my face. Dan Hennessey, @shotsofhennessey, used to shave once a week!”

In the most current picture, Wendy’s hair is styled beautifully in a messy bun. She no longer uses chemicals to fix her hair and is now happy with how beautiful it is as it is. Dan used to shave once a week, but now he keeps his beard combed.

Comments from people who like them

A lot of people on Instagram were talking about how they changed. More than 60,000 people liked their post. The responses were very helpful. Before the change, they did say the couple was pretty. But they were proud of how hard they had worked to get in shape.

Someone said they were ageing like Benjamin Button and that they looked like they were going backwards in time. “Did you both age backwards?” they asked. Where are you getting your youth?” Another reply said that the decade they were born in is what makes them age so well. “This proves that kids from the 1990s are still young at heart,” they wrote.
Someone else also thinks they look younger. “Wow, you look younger!” they said. Someone else went on to say nice things about Wendy’s hair. “The two of you look better now.” They wrote, “Wendy, I love your hair.”

Dan and Wendy Joseph

They asked each other to marry in Paris. They run their own business called True4You Fitness and work together as personal trainers and health coaches. They share advice on how to live a healthy and fit life on another YouTube account that they run together. Their plan is more long-term, and their goal is to improve health. In contrast to the popular fast results that many teachers advertise these days.


Dan has worked in the fitness business for more than ten years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a nutrition certificate in Precise Nutrition. Wendy has a Master’s in running a government agency.

Wendy has written about in their posts. How Dan has helped her feel better about her body. She says she hasn’t always liked how she looks as much as she does now.



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