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Crimson-Backed Tanager: Red Bird With Silver Beak

If you are a bird lover, you know there is no end to this passion. When you believe you’ve studied all the birds that visit your area, a newcomer with great feathers and traits comes around and steals your focus for a few days.

Image Credit: nagudelop

Birds fascinate me. Birds are fascinating creatures with diverse lifestyles. We realize the internet is full of information about birds, but we felt we should talk about this magnificent tanager with its silver beak.

Image Credit: jc_wings

Ramphocelus dimidiatus is the scientific name for the crimson-backed tanager. They are common in Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela. They are distinguished from other bird species by their distinctive crimson plumage, which experts say assists them in mating season and facing potential enemies. These tanagers deposit blue eggs with black spots. During the breeding season, the birds can be seen in pairs.

Image Credit: mandarinart_teahupoo

The best part about them is that they aren’t endangered and reside in deep forests in South and Central America. However, the future of tanagers and all other creatures is in jeopardy due to unprecedented levels of pollution and human interference in natural processes. We cannot survive without trees, birds, grass, and other living and non-living species, so it is time to reflect on our actions.

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