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Darius, the Rat Who Learned to Paint

Many fear rats. When we hear the word “rat,” we think of unpleasant things. We equate rats with filth and squalor. But this is a terrible myth. Rats are exceptionally clean animals that brush themselves frequently. Unlike cats and dogs, they don’t get parasites or viruses. If you can see past the stereotypes, they are talented and adorable.

Darius is one. He is a Norwegian artist who went viral. His owner, Amalie Markota Andersen, is a digital art student. She taught him to paint with his small toenails.

“I got him in 2017. He was in a litter. All the rats were amazing, but Darius was too precious. “I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.

“I’ve had rats since I was approximately 14-15,” I learned about them as pets on the internet. I believe rats are becoming fashionable as pets. I kept receiving rats after my first one. Rats only live 2-3 years, so I’ve had 9 so far. Darius was one. “

She just let him wander around with non-toxic watercolor on his feet. Darius finished one painting in 10 minutes, and they have sold two.

Darius took the internet by storm in 2018 with his debut Tumblr painting. Anderson said she was overjoyed when people noticed his talent. She said he deserved it. Anderson sold his picture to fund the purchase of a harness for the pair to safely explore the outside world.

Darius died in 2019 due to old age. His work still offers joy to people worldwide.

Image Credit & More Info; nebulami/twitter | H/T; boredpanda

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