Delivery is caught on camera. The most amusing standoff between a man and a rooster ever.

If a UPS driver was trying to deliver a package, he would come across a very strange “watchdog.” The man was just doing his job when a bold rooster greeted him. He was not happy that someone he didn’t know had stepped on his land, though. The owner’s Ring doorbell camera caught the funny moment, and it might be the funniest fight you’ve ever seen!

Facebook/AJ Taylor

For protection, Ashley Taylor and her husband AJ no longer need a dog. Fred, the fearless rooster, is taking care of that for them! This happened a few weeks ago, when a new deliveryman came by to drop off two packages. Fred wanted to show the man that he was in charge there.

Facebook/Ashley Taylor

It says Ashley: “Fred will follow us around the yard, and he even likes to look in the door like dogs do.” When a new person drives up, he always has to get out and say hello. I think he thinks he’s a dog.

People usually put things on their front porch, but Fred didn’t want to do that at all! Sensing movement, the family’s doorbell camera went off and recorded the whole thing. The deliveryman has made it to the porch, and he even turned to the camera to let the owners know that it’s “not cool.” He was then “escorted” outside by the rooster.

Facebook/AJ Taylor

Ashley’s husband posted a picture of the funny fight on Facebook. Fred the guard rooster met the UPS man today. The first time we caught Fred being angry was when we took a picture. He was born that way. If anyone knows the UPS man, tell him I’m sorry.

It’s here:

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