Divers Discover ‘Fish of the Resurrection’ off Taiwan’s Coast, Believed to be a Harbinger of Earthquakes

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You are currently viewing Divers Discover ‘Fish of the Resurrection’ off Taiwan’s Coast, Believed to be a Harbinger of Earthquakes

Divers find the “Fish of the Resurrection” off the coast of Taiwan. It is thought to be a sign that earthquakes are coming.

Off the coast of Ruifang, Taiwan, divers saw a giant oarfish, which is also called the “fish of the resurrection.” It was a stunning sight. Some people in the area think that this strange animal can predict earthquakes. Divers were mesmerized by the beautiful video of the silvery snake-like fish floating near the surface.

They came across an oarfish that was about 6 and a half feet long, which is pretty big, but not as big as it can get. The oarfish is the world’s biggest bony fish, measuring up to 56 feet long.

Even though the dives were excited to see this rare animal up close, they saw that the fish looked like it was having a hard time. The oarfish had strange holes all over its body, which scientists think were made by cookiecutter sharks biting it. It is said that these small predators attack nuclear subs, but this is probably not true. They are known to take chunks out of bigger fish and even marine mammals.

Strangely, the oarfish’s arrival near the surface has led people in the area to believe that these deep-sea creatures are linked to upcoming earthquakes. In Japanese legend, oarfish come to the surface and land on the shore before an earthquake. A lot of oarfish washed up on beach in the years before the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, which brought this myth to the public’s attention.

Divers off the coast of Taiwan were fascinated when they saw a giant oarfish with strange holes in it. This kind of fish is said to be a sign of upcoming earthquakes.

Divers off Taiwan were mesmerized after encountering a giant oarfish — which is rumored to be a sign of impending earthquakes — that had mysterious holes in its body, as seen in a video making waves on Instagram. Jam Press/@chengruwang

But scientists don’t believe the theory that earthquakes can be predicted because there is no evidence to back it. Hiroyuki Motomura, an ichthyology professor at Kagoshima University, thinks that oarfish usually come to the top when they are sick and are carried by currents, which is why they are usually found dead.

“It must have been dying, so it swam into shallower waters,” said diving instructor Wang Cheng-Ru. Jam Press/@chengruwang

Even though the oarfish’s appearance may be interesting and mysterious, it is important to use science instead of myth to figure out how they behave and what role they play in the ecosystem. The giant oarfish that was seen off the coast of Taiwan is still a rare and interesting sighting for divers.

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