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The well-known singer Dolly Parton is known by many. She has been famous for a long time and has no plans to end. She became a star after deciding at age 18 that she wanted to be one.

Dolly had a hard childhood because she came from a big family that didn’t have much money. Even though they didn’t have much, Dolly always cared about how she looked. Someone in her town gave her ideas.

But her grandfather didn’t like how she tried to look good. Dolly told him that he hurt her because of how she looked. Even with all of these problems, Dolly stayed close to music, which has always been important to her.

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Her birthday is January 19, 1946, and her home state is Tennessee. As a child with 11 brothers, money was tight. But her family really liked music. Her mom sang and played the guitar, and Dolly learned more about music by performing at church.

Her family loved music, and her uncles helped her get better. She began writing her own songs after one of them gave her a guitar. She had been on TV and radio in Knoxville, Tennessee, by the time she was 10 years old. Her first job was on the Grand Ole Opry, a national country radio station, when she was 13. She made about $20 a week.

Dolly has always loved fashion, and her fans are always amazed by how great she looks in her clothes. She keeps doing what she loves—making music—even though things are hard.

LOS ANGELES – 1978: Country singer Dolly Parton poses for a portrait session dressed as a playboy bunny, 1978 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

She really liked getting dressed up and looking good when she was younger. A woman in the area who dressed very flashily gave her the idea. This woman had fancy jewellery and clothes that were too tight. Because Dolly thought she was pretty, she would follow her around whenever she went out in case she wore something cool.

But some people, like her father, grandfather, and a preacher, didn’t like how different and beautiful Dolly looked. Her father didn’t do anything, but her grandfather hurt her because of the way she looked, which was sad.

Even though Dolly was sensitive and didn’t like being told what to do, she was determined to be herself. She did what she wanted even though it cost her. She wrote a song called “The Sacrifice” about this event many years later, in 2011. It’s about how she was ready to give up something to follow her dreams, and she thinks it was worth it.

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She never did things the way other people did them. Her record company tried to control some parts of her personal life, but she stayed true to herself.

Dolly said, “I’ve always been true to myself.” That’s what her mom always told her: be real. She thinks that things should be done in a way that fits with her views. She feels strong when she says, “I can stand by this, I can live by this.”

She cared about what other people thought, but that never stopped her from being herself. Dolly was the first person in her family to finish high school. In 1964, when she was 18, she made the choice to focus only on her singing career. She left her home and went to Nashville, which is where country music is made.

“I thought I had a dream and a skill. It was something I really thought would happen.

There, Dolly quickly became a star. People really liked the shows she did with Porter Wagoner on The Porter Wagoner Show. She signed a deal with RCA Records, and her first No. 1 country hit was “Joshua” in 1971. After that, there were more hits, like the famous “Jolene.”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Even though “Jolene” only has 200 words, it was a huge hit in the 20th century. Dolly Parton made it to the top of the music charts, at No. 1. It was even nominated for two Grammy Awards, one for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and one for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

Also, in 2004, Rolling Stone magazine put “Jolene” at number 217 on their list of “the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

She has written more than 3,000 songs, making her a very productive musician. “I Will Always Love You,” “The Seeker,” “Love Is Like a Butterfly,” and “All I Can Do” are some of her other well-known songs. She won many awards and became famous all over the world.

That song, “Here You Come Again,” won her her first Grammy in 1977. Other hits came after. In the 1980s, Dolly moved into films and starred with Jane Fonda in the hit comedy ‘9 to 5’. In 1986, she even opened her own theme park called Dollywood.


Nineteen times, Dolly has been number one on the country charts, and she has won eight Grammy Awards. She says, “Almost every day I come up with a few song titles or a sweet melody.” Even though she is very successful, she keeps making music. She says she’s 35 in spirit and mind, but she feels young at heart, even though she’s done a lot in her work.

The well-known singer Dolly Parton met the love of her life more than 55 years ago. Dolly met Carl Dean outside of a laundromat in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1964. She was 18 years old at the time. Carl was 21 years old, and he knew right away that she was different.

Carl said, “When I saw her for the first time, I thought, ‘I’m going to marry that girl.'” “My second thought was, ‘Lord, she looks good.'” That was the start of my life. “I wouldn’t trade the last fifty years for anything in the world.”

From his pickup truck, he yelled at her, but when he asked her to go on a date, she said no. Instead, she had him over a few days later while she was watching her nephew. Their love story has gone on for a long time since then.

In Ringgold, Georgia, in May 1966, Dolly and Carl got married in a small wedding. And even though her record company told them to wait because she was a musician, they didn’t want to. The wedding was held in Georgia so that it would be secret. Only Dolly, Carl, and her mother were there.

Carl and Dolly have loved each other for a very long time. However, he doesn’t walk with her on the red carpet at award shows or charity events. The only time he did was when she was 20 and won her first poetry award.

Dolly remembered that they got in their car and drove home after that event. Dolly, Carl told her, “I want you to have everything you want, and I’m happy for you. But don’t ever ask me to go to another one of those stupid things!”

For their 50th wedding anniversary in 2016, they said their vows again to make it extra special. Dolly said it was a fun and sweet time for them. They’ve kept their love strong and private, even though they’re famous.

“There was no stress at all.” It was just the two of us in a small chapel on our land. Then we took our little RV down to Ringgold, Georgia, and stayed the night in the same place where we got married 50 years ago. We dressed up, took some pretty pictures, and really had a great time.

“We’ve always been good friends.” We enjoy each other a great deal and value our friendship. We never thought we’d want to get married again because it was our first time together. What’s the point?”

Everyone knows Dolly Parton from the show business. It’s been great having her one true love by her side through it all. They really deserve everything they get these days because they can do pretty much anything they want.

One thing Carl and Dolly chose not to do, though, was have kids. Dolly did not want children for a simple reason: she was busy with her work.

Dolly Parton is 77 years old now, but we hope she keeps performing and making records for a long time.


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