You are currently viewing Dolphin The best part is when Dog jumps out of the water to kiss him.

Dolphin The best part is when Dog jumps out of the water to kiss him.

Do you think you’ve seen the sweetest, cutest video ever? Not in my opinion! The video we’re about to show you will make you feel warm and fuzzy

On a sunny day, two dogs were enjoying a boat ride with their pet parents when something strange happened. Soon, one of the dogs and a smart sea creature would come over to say hi, and it would be a very touching moment. A curious dolphin sees the furry four-legged creatures and comes closer. Even the two dogs couldn’t hide their excitement when they saw this huge sea creature right in front of them.

One World One Ocean

How do you think people can meet new friends? Why don’t we kiss? Yes, you did read it right. Out of excitement, the shy dolphin jumps out of the water and kisses one of the dogs before jumping back into the water. The shy dolphin comes back and does something so amazing that the dogs and their parents can’t stop staring.

One World One Ocean

But this scene was also caught on camera, and the footage is also part of “Dolphins,” an IMAX film that has won many awards. MacGillivray Freeman Films, which started the One World, One Ocean Campaign, made this amazing movie about dolphins in their natural environment. Here you can see this touching moment between the dogs and the dolphin.

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